the NEW Sci-Fi thriller from R. T. Aanes

How far will we go to survive?


How far will we go to survive?


The Story

THE AFTERMATH OF WORLD WAR III - where heavy bio-weapons were used - eliminated over 90% of the earth’s population. What remained were flesh-eating viruses, contaminated food sources and mutated, rage-filled animals. To continue the human race, the survivors - mostly military officials, top scientists and engineers from around the world - banded together. This new union was named the UNITED EARTH REGIONS (UER).

Scientists and medical professionals soon cured the flesh-eating viruses and decontaminated the soil and water. To defend themselves from the new hostile world, a difficult decision was made. They replace their limbs and infected body parts with highly engineered prosthetics. This procedure increases the individual’s strength and ability by ten-fold and is quickly nicknamed “The Process”. What started as necessity soon became the norm; and eventually was enforced by the military.

30 years later, the story focuses on siblings Sophie and Aaron Schneider living with their father Erik in the small Pennsylvania town of Industry. Erik, a career Military Commander, is on a leave of absence after the tragic death of his beloved wife Lisa, mother of his children.

Sophie is a skillful sixteen year old who is more than capable of taking care of herself. But she is at the age where girls must go through “The Process”, and is reluctant to comply. There is a movement among the civilian sector that views “The Process” as outdated and merely another justification for the military to maintain dominance. Aaron also shares this view. Being the older brother - by one year - Aaron takes it upon himself to protect his little sister. His task is made even more difficult by their father’s military association.

Meanwhile a rebellion - made up of fugitives and individuals “post-Process” - is rising up against the military. Through a series of events (while trying to spare Sophie from “The Process”), Aaron finds himself joining the rebellion and stumbles upon a dark military plot to control the world’s population. To make matters worse, Sophie is abducted!

Not only must Aaron now rescue Sophie but he has to expose the plot in the hope his father is not part of the military’s sinister plan.


make up NEW Earth
caused the destruction
battling to dominate
fighting for survival

The Military


Erik1st in Command - Father of Aaron and Sophie

Military career man struggling with the recent loss of his wife, the destruction of his family and his alliance to his military leader.



Admiral KirklandAdmiral of the Military

Stout army "lifer" that defends the world while carrying out every command and objective of the United Earth Regions.



Oscar2nd Lieutenant

Kirkland's right-hand-man and ex-friend of Erik.


The Resistance


Ān1st in Command

Leader of the resistance and not afraid to protect anyone wishing to escape THE PROCESS.



Luis2nd in Command

Will carry out any order to protect the resistance - as well as defend his best friend Ān.


The Family


Aaron SchneiderSon of Erik

Still coping with the loss of his mother. Has yet to undergo THE PROCESS - something he worries about for his little sister.



Sophie SchneiderDaughter of Erik

All around bad-ass and protector of Aaron - but she is quickly approaching the age to undergo THE PROCESS.




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