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How far will we go to survive?


How far will we go to survive?


The Author


R. T. Aanes

Arriving in America from a far away land at a tender age of five, I only spoke two English words: yes and no. Naturally, I was placed into ESL (English as a Second Language) classes. My mathematical skills however, were through the roof… typical for an Asian child. Because of my lack of commanding the English language, I was isolated at school. But ALL of this changed one bright, beautiful afternoon on the school playground when a giant of a girl wanted the monkey bars. She tossed me aside like a rag doll which resulted in a broken wrist!

I was a rambunctious little kid that loved to climb. With my arm still in the cast, I would hang off the monkey bars and playground climbing dome. Sufficed to say, my wrist healed crooked. Long story short, the doctor had to re-break my wrist (without any meds) and re-cast it! One thing I feel I have to mention about this ordeal, was that I was able to get in a few good face kicks to the doctor, my dad and the nurses that were holding me down!

Not to repeat this trauma (and my dad not wanting another kick to the face), my parents kept me home until my wrist healed. I was forbidden from any physical activity. To keep me occupied during the day while they ran their mini mart, (typical business for an Asian family), I was placed in front of the TV on a comfy couch. I was in heaven! This is where I developed my love for story telling.

During this time, I watched soap operas and morning talk shows. This was followed by TV shows like Charlie’s Angels, The Bionic Woman and my all-time favorite, Wonder Woman! This is most likely why most of my stories feature strong women. Finally I would cap off my day with the evening news. My brain was a sponge! One of my saddest days of my life was when the cast came off! It meant I had to go back to school. WHY?????!!!!!

But there was a silver-lining. Right away, the ESL teachers noticed my comprehension and command of the English language had greatly improved! I was placed in traditional classes with the native English speaking students! The teachers where amazed and amused at the dramatic improvements and the expanded vocabulary which now included such words as scandals, adulterer, affairs, alimony and words that made female teachers blush!

Today, with my husband’s support, I am retired from Merchandise Planning and working on telling the stories that are floating around in my head.



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