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The Story

THE AFTERMATH OF WORLD WAR III - where heavy bio-weapons were used - eliminated over 90% of the earth’s population. What remained were flesh-eating viruses, contaminated food sources and mutated, rage-filled animals. To continue the human race, the survivors - mostly military officials, top scientists and engineers from around the world - banded together. This new union was named the UNITED EARTH REGIONS (UER).

Scientists and medical professionals soon cured the flesh-eating viruses and decontaminated the soil and water. To defend themselves from the new hostile world, a difficult decision was made. They replace their limbs and infected body parts with highly engineered prosthetics. This procedure increases the individual’s strength and ability by ten-fold and is quickly nicknamed “The Process”. What started as necessity soon became the norm; and eventually was enforced by the military.

30 years later, the story focuses on siblings Sophie and Aaron Schneider living with their father Erik in the small Pennsylvania town of Industry. Erik, a career Military Commander, is on a leave of absence after the tragic death of his beloved wife Lisa, mother of his children.

Sophie is a skillful sixteen year old who is more than capable of taking care of herself. But she is at the age where girls must go through “The Process”, and is reluctant to comply. There is a movement among the civilian sector that views “The Process” as outdated and merely another justification for the military to maintain dominance. Aaron also shares this view. Being the older brother - by one year - Aaron takes it upon himself to protect his little sister. His task is made even more difficult by their father’s military association.

Meanwhile a rebellion - made up of fugitives and individuals “post-Process” - is rising up against the military. Through a series of events (while trying to spare Sophie from “The Process”), Aaron finds himself joining the rebellion and stumbles upon a dark military plot to control the world’s population. To make matters worse, Sophie is abducted!

Not only must Aaron now rescue Sophie but he has to expose the plot in the hope his father is not part of the military’s sinister plan.


make up NEW Earth
caused the destruction
battling to dominate
fighting for survival

The Military


Erik1st in Command - Father of Aaron and Sophie

Military career man struggling with the recent loss of his wife, the destruction of his family and his alliance to his military leader.



Admiral KirklandAdmiral of the Military

Stout army "lifer" that defends the world while carrying out every command and objective of the United Earth Regions.



Oscar2nd Lieutenant

Kirkland's right-hand-man and ex-friend of Erik.


The Resistance


Ān Fox1st in Command

Leader of the resistance and not afraid to protect anyone wishing to escape THE PROCESS.



Luis Flex2nd in Command

Will carry out any order to protect the resistance - as well as defend his best friend Ān.


The Family


Aaron SchniederSon of Erik

Still coping with the loss of his mother. Has yet to undergo THE PROCESS - something he worries about for his little sister.



Sophie SchniederDaughter of Erik

All around bad-ass and protector of Aaron - but she is quickly approaching the age to undergo THE PROCESS.



World War III

Greed, masqueraded in religious righteousness was what prompted one mad man to decide the earth needed to be cleansed of ALL sinners. Believing only he and his followers were the righteous ones. This single man declared WAR on anyone that would not blindly follow him.

Throughout history there have been many men who rose to power by preying on fears, ignorance and greed. But what this man did best was to feed into the darker side of humanity. He gave a voice to the extremists on ALL sides. He made those that followed him believe they were the chosen ones; they will survive the apocalypse. That they needed to eradicate anyone that does not share their beliefs. Men, women, and children from all walks of life are a disease that needs to be cured.

No one in a civilized society could ever fathom a man like this could be elected to a position of power in a first world country. But the masses become complacent. The man got into power and he pushed THE BUTTON! HE PUSHED THE BUTTON!! Throwing the world into utter chaos; all forms of weaponry were used - including bio-warfare!

More than 80% of the earth’s population was eliminated following the decade-long bloody war. The carnage only ended after this one man - a little man, a coward - took his own life as a three man rogue brigade cornered him in his mansion. Soon afterward, his closest followers surrendered. The war was OVER! The small brigade responsible for bringing the tyrant down was lead by Sergeant Major Kirkland of the United States Marines and his two most trusted Sergeants.

What greeted the survivors were flesh-eating viruses, contaminated food sources and mutated, rage-filled animals. Within a few months after the war, earth’s population fell to a little more than 10%. Desperate to continue the human race, survivors from around the world banded together. These were mostly military officials, top scientists, engineers and their families.

With different people around the world working together for a common goal, survival and a cure for the viruses were quickly found. The soil and water were decontaminated. In order to defend themselves from their savage surroundings, the powers that be mutually made the grim choice to replace limbs and infected areas with highly engineered prosthetics. This procedure increased the individual’s strengths and abilities by ten-fold and was quickly nicknamed “The Process”. What started as a necessity soon became the norm and eventually enforced by the military.

To make sure peace would continue, UNITED EARTH REGIONS (UER) was formed. The world now divided into five regions: Asia, Europe, Africa, Oceania and the Americas. All governing matters are voted on by the five regions. Each region gets ONE vote regardless of land size, population, beliefs and so on. A simple majority vote will enact rules and regulations for ALL of the world.

Within ten years of forming the UER, things like hunger, disease, racism, sexism, climate change were all but eliminated. Monetary rewards were no longer the driving force. In fact, all forms of currency were discontinued. People around the world worked together to better each other’s lives - to grow and continue the human race.

Out of all the carnage and distraction, has the human race finally found peace?



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The Author


R. T. Aanes

Arriving in America from a faraway land at a tender age of five, I only spoke two English words: yes and no. Naturally, I was placed into ESL (English as a Second Language) classes. My mathematical skills however, were through the roof… typical for an Asian child. Because of my lack of commanding the English language, I was isolated at school. But ALL of this changed one bright, beautiful afternoon on the school playground when a giant of a girl wanted the monkey bars. She tossed me aside like a rag doll which resulted in a broken wrist!

I was a rambunctious little kid that loved to climb. With my arm still in the cast, I would hang off the monkey bars and playground climbing dome. Sufficed to say, my wrist healed crooked. Long story short, the doctor had to re-break my wrist (without any meds) and re-cast it! One thing I feel I have to mention about this ordeal, was that I was able to get in a few good face kicks to the doctor, my dad and the nurses that were holding me down!

Not to repeat this trauma (and my dad not wanting another kick to the face), my parents kept me home until my wrist healed. I was forbidden from any physical activity. To keep me occupied during the day while they ran their mini mart, (typical business for an Asian family), I was placed in front of the TV on a comfy couch. I was in heaven! This is where I developed my love for story telling.

During this time, I watched soap operas and morning talk shows. This was followed by TV shows like Charlie’s Angels, The Bionic Woman and my all-time favorite, Wonder Woman! This is most likely why most of my stories feature strong women. Finally I would cap off my day with the evening news. My brain was a sponge! One of my saddest days of my life was when the cast came off! It meant I had to go back to school. WHY?????!!!!!

But there was a silver-lining. Right away, the ESL teachers noticed my comprehension and command of the English language had greatly improved! I was placed in traditional classes with the native English speaking students! The teachers where amazed and amused at the dramatic improvements and the expanded vocabulary which now included such words as scandals, adulterer, affairs, alimony and words that made female teachers blush!

Today, with my husband’s support, I am retired from Merchandise Planning and working on telling the stories that are floating around in my head.